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Air purification: The Ururu Sarara purifies
the incoming air. The titanium apatite
deodorising filter focuses on capturing
and eliminating odours from e.g. tobacco
and pets. Then the Flash Streamer breaks
down allergens such as pollen and fungal
spores, providing better, cleaner air. The
Flash Streamer technology is not meant to
be used for medical purposes.
Ventilation: Unlike a conventional air
conditioner, the Ururu Sarara brings
fresh, conditioned air into the room.
The Ururu Sarara is the very first residential
heat pump system that – because of
its powerful ventilation capacity of
32 m3
/h – can fill a room of more than
26 m2
with fresh air in less than two hours.
Furthermore, the incoming air is brought
in at the desired temperature without

Daikin Urura Sarara for two rooms

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